Do I know you?: Pros and Cons of Using Stock Photos
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Have you ever picked up an ad or a brochure with an attractive but vaguely familiar face on it? You start thinking to yourself, “Do I know her? Is that my husband’s friend from college? Is that someone I used … Read More

No, Your Kid Couldn’t Have Designed Google’s New Logo
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We’ve come to expect changes in the Google logo thanks to the daily updates created by artists and designers to celebrate history and achievements. But the change Google made to its logo on September 1 was different. This time, it … Read More

Top 10 Reasons You Should Be Working With a Freelancer
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Every business that doesn’t employ in-house marketing and creative teams has the choice to hire the services of either an agency or a freelancer. Being a freelancer, I’m kind of partial to the businesses that choose freelancers. For the rest … Read More

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